Recent Reads and Life Updates

Hello my gorgeous snowflakes! It has been a HOT MINUTE since I last posted, but I promise you, I will do better! I thought I might tell you guys what I’ve been up to and the books that I’ve read and really just where I am in life.

-The Worst Best Man (soooo good, 4 stars)
-Fight Or Flight (w o w 4 stars)
-Looking For Alaska (I was late on the bandwagon, 4 stars)
-The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly (FEMINIST ROMP 5 stars)
-Death of a Salesman (*cue Timothee Chalamet crying* 4 stars)
-Fantastic Mr. Fox/ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Matilda (outstanding novels 4,4 and 5 stars)
-The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue (God I love Monty, 5 stars)
-What To Say Next (haven’t read Julie Buxbaum in a bit, but good lord I loved this. 5 stars)
-Ship It (Took a while, but I really forced myself into the story and fell in love. 4 stars)
-Scarlett Epstein Hates In Here (Was kinda disappointed? I suppose it had everything to do with the order I read it in)
-On Dublin Street (Had to pick up another Samantha Young book after the delicious Fight Or Flight. The book was really good, but had a Colleen Hoover, Anna Todd vibe towards the plot. But, it was really good and well written. 3 stars)

-I graduate officially in June!
-I am officially currently enrolled as a Birth Doula! I’m very excited! My dream is to become a midwife, but becoming a Doula is a good reasonable first step and honestly, it’ll help me decide better if midwifery is something I really want to pursue.
-I dyed my hair! Okay, only kinda. Real dye, but it’s not so noticeable XD. It’s got a lot of reddish highlights, but I love it.
-I purchased Little Women (the movie) because I’m in love (with all editions but)
– I have a boyfriend!! Ahahah just kidding, I am very single, I just don’t have many updates, I’m sorry (@ my mom who owns the domain, I am so sorry, I am NOT in a relationship, don’t come after me, ILY)

That’s all I have for now 🙁 But, I hope you enjoyed my updates!! Love you guys! Talk to me here or on IG! Love youuuuuu.


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