Catch up with me!

Hello all! It has been quite a minute since I’ve updated, but I’ll briefly give you updates about my life and the books that I read (a wrap-up for September will come after this post!)

  1. I FINALLY finished Jane Eyre!! (woo-hoo!)
  2. My mental health has improved a hecking lot. I’m posting photos that I like and that has been so important to me. I’m able to speak to you guys openly about my struggle with mental illness and just how bad it gets, but you also get the good parts. I’m going to keep a small journal of small things that make me happy, even just basic satisfaction things, like the crunch of leaves.)
  3. I’ve been reading! My mental health going downhill caused my lack of reading (or didn’t help it) but this past month I read and read and read and I took time for myself. I have to remind myself, every day, that it’s better to have a clearer head when doing things, going to sleep and staying asleep. Getting into a routine. It’s so challenging, especially when I have severe depression and don’t feel up to things and then on top of that, my ADHD causes me to have my mind go everywhere, which causes frustration and anxiety. BUT, I am doing my best to look at my negatives and give them positives. It’s hard, but I’m trying.

That’s all that I can think of for right now, but please let me know what you’d like to see me post about. I’d love to post more than just bookish stuff, so just let me know (here or on my IG: @snowandbooks)

Stay healthy my loves,


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