Top Five Books that Made Me Cry

Hello Snowflakes! If you know me well, you know I cannot control my obsession with books that will literally destroy my life (in the best way possible.) So I decided to share with you guys the top five books that probably left me sobbing. There will be a trigger warning for suicide and abuse for the following books.

5) All The Bright Places

This story follows two characters, one named Violet and one being Finch who meet on the ledge of a bell tower, both there seemingly to commit suicide, but instead they both coax each other down from the tower. One day the team up on a project that involves taking photos of adventures they’re on. Eventually, of course, they begin to fall in love. There are some really depressing elements of this story that I love she [Niven] didn’t shy away from darker aspects in a romantic YA. Cry Factor: 9/10

4) A List Of Cages

This book is about a boy named Adam who is serving as an aide to his school psychologist and discovers a boy named Julian who seems to be familiar. Adam and his mom fostered Julian and hadn’t seen him in five years. Everything is great because they have reunited. But Julian is keeping deep dark secrets. The tear level on this one is a little higher than the previous, but still a great read. Cry Factor: 7/10

3) The Book Thief

This story follows a girl named Liesel who is living in Nazi Germany who has been recently adopted after her mother had been taken away for being a communist. She attempts to befriend children in her area, but only one of them becomes her friend: Rudy. For those who know: you know. This book will make you cry and giggle and cry some more. Cry factor: 11/10

2) They Both Die At The End

SPOILER ALERT: they both die at the end (I mean that’s the title of the book but STILL) It follows two boys name Rufus and Mateo who both find out from DeathCast that today is the assigned day that they are to die and have 24 hours to say their goodbyes. It’s tragic but romantic and cute and just imagine knowing what happens in Romeo and Juliet. You know what’s going to happen but you’re still rooting for it not to happen! Cry Factor: 9/10

1) And The Way Home Gets Longer and Longer

This final book is SUPER SUPER SHORT (less than 100 pages) but you will bawl! The book is about a little boy and his grandfather who talk to each other on a bench and if I say ANYMORE I will spoil it so go pick up a copy!!! Cry Factor: 1000/10


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