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This book tag may contain spoilers! Read with discretion:

Hey guys! I thought it would be WAY EASIER for me to share the tag with y’all and then do it later. I hope you enjoy my Dear Evan Hansen Book Tag!


Anybody Have A Map – a character who is lost (emotionally or literally)

Waving through a window – a character with social anxiety

For Forever – a character with a best friend / best friends

Sincerely, Me – a character who writes letters/ diary entries

Reqiuem – a character you didn’t mourn

If I Could Tell Her – a character who took forever to confess their love

Disappear – a character who didn’t make the film adaptation

You Will Be Found – a character who was gone for most of the book that showed up out of nowhere

To Break in A Glove – a character who was close to their dad/ had a good dad-figure

Only Us – a character with a love triangle

Good For You – a character who made a bad decision

Words Fail – a book that left you a sobbing mess

So Big/ So Small – a character whose parents are divorced

Finale – a book that came together beautifully at the end

BONUS: In the bedroom down the hall – a character that took good care of their crew/child/gang

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