Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

★★★★★                               Ransom Riggs
Going into this book, I knew it was about some strange kids, with peculiar abilities, and maybe have a Stranger Things vibe, where a lot of weird stuff goes down.
I was wrong.

I didn’t think I’d meet the characters as soon as I did. This is not a disappointment in the slightest!
[Riggs] writing skill is so epic,(she uses correctly) that you didn’t even realize that you were mere pages from finishing until your mom comes in and yells that it’s past midnight…I may or may not have prior experience…
The story starts with Jacob (our main character in the story) as a young boy, talking to grandfather. His grandfather is telling him stories about his past…about some peculiar people. I won’t go into much detail, detail it’ll spoil the book. Overall I gave this book 5/5

[Some spoilers ahead: Bibliophile discretion is advised]

Okay: Emma and Jacob????
Emma dated Jacob’s grandfather (who is now dead) in the 1940’s when they were the same age. However, when *grandfather* left, she stayed there in the 1940’s (you know why, guys) and NOW SHE’S DATING HIS GRANDSON?? She’s like 90 something. SHE COULD HAVE BEEN HIS GRANDMOTHER.
This is  i n c e s t.
Of course, we may just have another Jace and Clary thing going on, but WHO KNOWS???
Why are authors suddenly obsessed with incest in their stories? Like, I get plot twist, throw it in there. BUT JEEZ!
I blame Jesse (@jessethereader) for this.
I also love the “Doctor Who” aspect of the story. (Like how she is 90 something-year-0ld-who-looks-way-younger dating a young guy. BUT SERIOUSLY, IF IT WAS ANYONE ELSE)
How they create the loop days and can basically time travel!


Below is an excerpt from Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, now and major motion picture.


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