Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25

13258952_125216491231014_167053120_nMy first thought when I saw this series is “Did they write another dystopian novel?!”I had just finished the Divergent and Maze Runner series and was looking for my next fix.

It was SO worth it.

The main character’s name is Michael Vey, who is just another nerdy kid at his school. On top of that, he has tourettes, which causes him to ‘tic’.
[Michael] has powers that let him electrocute people. He found out when he was younger and shocked his mother while she was bathing him. He doesn’t know his life is going to turn upside down in a matter of days.

Michael learns the girl that he’s been crushing on, Cheerleader, Taylor Ridley also has powers. He finds out after a death threatening Google search that she made, about a company called The Elgen.

Follow Michael, his best friend Ostin, and Taylor, as they meet super humans like them, and nickname themselves: The Electroclan. I give this story a 90-100%.

Underneath is an excerpt from the first book: The Prisoner of Cell 25, available now!
“ Have you found the last two?” The voice on the phone was angry and coarse, like the sound of car tires over broken glass.
“Not yet,” the well-dressed man on the other end of the phone replied. “Not yet. But we believe we’re close—and they still don’t know that we’re hunting them.”
“You believe you’re close?”
“They’re two children among a billion—finding them is like finding a lost chopstick in China.” “Is that what you want me to tell the board?”
“Remind the board that I’ve already found fifteen of the seventeen children. I’ve put out a million-dollar bounty on the last two, we’ve got spiders crawling the Web, and we have a whole team of investigators scanning global records for their whereabouts. It’s just a matter of time before we find them—or they step into one of our traps.”
“Time isn’t on our side,” the voice returned sharply. “Those kids are already too old. You know how difficult they are to turn at this age.”
“I know better than anyone,” the well-dressed man said, tapping his ruby-capped pen on his desk. “But I have my ways. And if they don’t turn, there’s always Cell 25.”
There was a long pause, then the voice on the phone replied darkly, “Yes. There’s always Cell 25.”

Excerpt from MichaelVey.com and Image from Goodreads.com 
Rating Scale: 1%-100%
70-80% This was a good book, that everyone should read
50-60% – It was okay, but it was kinda hard to get into
30-40% -Um, probably never to be heard of again….hopefully.
DFR = Didn’t finish reading because well….sucked. Probably thrown at the wall….

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